May 5th, 2007

Srock - light on table

Back To Manticore Challenge

CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
ORIGINALLY MADE: November 2006
TITLE of challenge (if any): Back To Manticore Challenge

Setting: Pre-season 2

What if something similiar to what brin had, happened to Max? For some reason Max's life was in extreme danger (because of her seizures, maybe?) & the only way Zach felt he could save her life was by taking her back to Manticore? He's knows Max probably wouldn't want that, so he does it when she is unconscious.

After a long stay in psy-ops, she's one resentful, pissed-off transgenic. She gets put in a new group, who ironically enough has another X-5 male fresh outta psy-ops, X5-494. Not having been told what happened to her, the new unit hate her (mostly because of her 'i hate the world' attitude) & have no problem letting their feelings be known. At first, 494 tends to agree with them, but something happens to make him think there's more to Max then the cold outer shell that meets the eye.