May 23rd, 2007

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Fun With Dick and Jane Challenge

CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
TITLE of challenge (if any): Fun With Dick and Jane
A/N:Also, I wrote this challenge fairly specific, but feel free to change it however you like, k? K.

A/N - You don't have to use this title, it just sorta popped into my head. Especially since Alec's 'other name' was gonna be Dick.

A/N - Warning, this fic involves a 16 yr old & 21/22 yr old. (unless you play with the ages & show that Alec is 18 & has lead a very sheltered life in Manticore when it comes to women, which could also work.)

-VERY AU. Seriously. Throw everything you ever heard about DA out the window right now.

-MUST be M/A

-A 16 yr old, X5-494, knows relatively little about the opposite sex, so Manticore sends him, like they do all young boys, for a week long private tutoring session with X5-452.

-452 is from the very first batch of X5's ever made. Few people have actually seen her, only her 'students' and a few of the staff, but everyone knows about her and she has been nicknamed 'Mary Jane'. She is kept in a separate area of the building under tight security.

-She escaped back in '09, but was caught a few years later. Manticore now forces her to use her worldly knowledge on educating the young males in being comfortable with their sexuality & schooling them in the art of love. Instead of going into heat, she has a revved up sex drive. She was promised if she cooperated she would be let free at her 23rd (25?) birthday, which is quickly approaching. (or not?)

-So when 494 waltzes in her door one day, cocky & arrogant, she doesn't think much of him. But over the next week of class, she finds her feelings betraying her. At some point, she also tells him a secret, her name is Max. When her time of servitude is up, will she be able to leave him behind?
DA - Max - oh no you didn't

Return Of The Prodigal Son Challenge

CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
TITLE of challenge (if any): Return Of The Prodigal Son

TIMELINE: Set 5 years after Freak Nation

CHALLENGE: In 'Love Among the Ruins', when Max tells Alec about their 'pretend relationship' Alec decides he's had enough. He's done being Max's whipping boy and he wants to see the world. He didn't leave Manticore just to get trapped in a Transgenic War. He tells Max he's leaving as soon as he gets some loose ends tied up & when he goes to see Logan he tells him the truth about him and Max. Max is angry & upset that Alec is just running & that he told Logan. And while she's also upset that he's leaving her, she's never exactly been the greatest at admitting & expressing her emotions.

He still helps them during the Jam Pony siege, but leaves at the end of Freak Nation, only to return five years later.

Where did he go & who did he meet? Why does he come back? What happened to the inhabitants of TC while he was away? Will they welcome him back or shun him for leaving? And has there been any significant others in Alec or Max's life while he's been away?


Only one: Max & Logan cannot be together when he returns, but the reason why is up to you, if Logan's even still alive.