June 29th, 2007

Srock - light on table

Tag Descriptions

All of our challenges our organized by LJ's 'tags' system. Every challenge is marked with between 3 and six tags, providing a brief, to-the-point, idea of what that challenge contains. Here is an example of a short challenge and what tags could be used:

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Srock - light on table

Female Trouble Becomes Brother's Twin Trouble

TITLE of challenge (if any): Female Trouble Becomes Brother's Twin Trouble

Pairing: M/A
Genre: S1 AU, angst, and romance would be part of it, but anyone who adopts it is welcome to add to it.
Rating: One thing I do ask, is that you make it no higher than PG-13. I don’t read highly rated fics, and I would love to be able to see what you do with it.
Length: Certainly up to you, but long stories can be a lot of fun…

The plot bunny:

Rather than Jace, Alec is the one sent to kill Doctor Vertes. It is his first mission after the Berrisford assignment, and Manticore is using this as a test to assure that his re-indoctrination was a success.

When Alec attacks, Max is there to stop it. It is before “Pollo Loco,” but Max manages to recognize him, and mistakes him for Ben, thinking that somehow he was recaptured. She stops fighting, and starts talking to him, trying to convince him of who she is. Her kindness in that moment, and her similar appearance remind him of Rachel. Immediately his memories of Rachel and that mission return. He collapses, the strain on his mind too much.

Max and Logan get Dr. Vertes to help him, and of course Max realizes that he isn’t really Ben, but 494. She talks to him, learning about Rachel, and helps him over come what Manticore did to him. They become friends, (maybe something more, much to Logan’s dismay ) and of course she names him Alec. Like Jace does in “Female Trouble,” he goes AWOL. You can have Alec leave to evade Manticore, and then return, or have him decide to stay with her.


Basically, after this point, you are welcome to do what ever the bunny insists (my plot bunnies can be very insistent, trust me I know, lol.) I think it would be interesting to go on to “Pollo Loco,” and see if Alec’s presence could change what happens to Ben, and perhaps even include something along the lines of “Hello Goodbye,” when Alec is arrested for Ben’s crimes, but it is up to you. If you wanted to, you could even take it all the way to AJBAC and beyond, and show how Alec would effect the outcome of the their attack on Manticore.

Please don’t feel restricted by this. Feel free to change/add anything you would like, I just thought I would include a small outline and a few ideas, incase they would help. If anyone likes this idea, I hope you will write it.
DA - Max - oh no you didn't

Try Spending An Afternoon With Him

TITLE of challenge (if any): Try Spending An Afternoon With Him

Remember this conversation?

Max: Try spending and afternoon with him. He'll drive you crazy with his laughing, and his talking, and his breathing.

Original Cindy: Sugar, you got issues.

What else happened that afternoon when Max was showing Alec the ropes, and why does he bother her so much?