July 2nd, 2007

Srock - light on table


Hey there ficcers! :D As you may have noticed, even though this comm is now officially open, it's still a bit in need of fixing here and there. So, I have a question I wanted to ask you all.

If it's at all possible, I would really like to have this place remain open for posting challenge respones, besides just the challenges themselves. I'm a bit in a dilemma as to how to go about doing this however.

My first idea, was just to post a link to your story as a comment in the corresponding challenge thread. While this would work lovely for organization (YEA!), it really doesn't help to notify people that the fic even exists! Unless, they just stumble across it by accident.

My second idea - the one currently in place - was to leave a comment like stated above AND make an actual NEW post, alerting people that the fic is there - plus linking to the challenge thread itself.

While that works in theory, I think it just might be too much trouble for people to go through to worry about post their fic here.

So, that brings us to my third idea --> What if I were have somewhere available that people can simply leave a comment with a link to their fic, the details (title, rating, warnings & such) and of course, the name of the challenge they are answering. One simple organized process, right?

Ok then, that still leaves people in the dark as to when a fic is available, so...

Fourth idea -->> I make a... weekly? mod post, alerting people of what fics have been written, which ones have been updated & possibly what new challenges are available? Plus, maybe some sort of OPTIONAL extra challenge, based off... I dunno, a quote or something? Or maybe that's something we could do after we get some more members?

What do you guys think? Any ideas?
Srock - light on table

Through Another's Eyes

TITLE of challenge (if any): Through Another's Eyes

1. Max and Alec are captured by a branch of the government. (Any branch, your choice, though it can't have familiar involvement. )

2. Max or Alec is injured, either during the capture or during an escape attempt.

3. A large part of it is told from a government agent's POV. (Male or female, again your choice. )

4. The agent is anti-transgenic to begin with, but Max and Alec somehow change their mind, and they help Max and Alec escape.

6. The events of the fic somehow lead to Max and Alec realizing how they feel about each other.

5. I do not read nc17 fics. So, if you plan on rating it 'R', or higher, can you please make an edited pg13 version for me? Please?!
Srock - light on table

Hear No Evil, See No Evil

TITLE of challenge (if any): Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Max and Alec are both injured on a mission, and their injuries have difficult consequences. Alec is left unable to hear, and Max loses her sight. With their ability to regenerate, the injuries will only be temporary, but can they help each other through such a hard time? What would they learn about each other, and how would they be able to communicate? Would it bring them together?