July 8th, 2007

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I Never Would Have Guessed

TITLE of challenge (if any): I Never Would Have Guessed

Max and Alec both have a strange hobby or passion you would never expect. (i.e. Alec is a fan of soap operas and never misses an episode, and Max collects bubble gum.) They each find out about the other's strange interest, and wanting their reps to remain intact, they agree not to say a word to anyone else, though they constantly tease each other about it. Eventually they each wind up getting drawn into the other's interest, and spend more time together, until finally, the realize how they really feel about each other. (But please, no gross or...well, not fit for general audiences hobbies. Thank you! )
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In The Heat Of The Moment

TITLE of challenge (if any): In The Heat Of The Moment

1. Max and Alec are on a mission for Eyes Only. Max knows she has to be careful because of that...awkward phase...which is rapidly approaching, but she thinks she has enough time to complete the mission before the symptoms really hit.

2. Unfortunately, something goes wrong with the mission and she and Alec are trapped together in a fairly small space, (maybe the building they were sneaking into collapsed, or they were captured). While trapped, sure enough, Max realizes that she has to deal with another problem entirely. Alec, of course, starts to sense it as well, and is also affected.

3. They decide that they need some way to distract each other, and after trying a few things (push-ups, guessing games, ect.) they wind up talking. If you want, you can have them talk about things that are difficult so that it gives them something else to focus on, (i.e. Max could ask Alec about re-indoctrination, Alec could ask Max about the escape).

4. During the conversation they each wind up blurting out how they feel about each other.

5. When they get out, they each wonder if the other really meant what they said, or if it was simply the heat affecting them.

6. They find out that they both really did mean it, and Max breaks up with Logan. (Even better if Logan isn't shown as the bad guy.)

But here is where the challenge comes in.

1. There can be NO CONTENT HIGHER THAN PG. I'm not even going to say PG-13 just to stay on the safe side. PG. NO HIGHER.

2. IT CANNOT INCLUDE GFRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF THEIR PHYSICAL REACTIONS OR DESIRES. All descriptions have to be of their emotional reaction only. You can include them thinking about how beautiful/handsome the other looks, but nothing beyond that. I know, I know. But this is called a challenge for a reason.

3. THEY BOTH RESIST. THEY DON'T DO ANYTHING. At the very most they can kiss, (if you really want to torture them, lol) but they both fight temptation, and get through it.

Okay, I'm sure someone is rolling their eyes at me now, lol. But Max and Alec are both strong people, and if anyone could fight that temptation, they could. I think it would make Max see Alec differently, because it would show her that Alec isn't just a jerk who thinks of only one thing. And Alec cares about Max, and wouldn't want to hurt her, which would happen if they did anything. Even if Max and Logan were never "like that" she wants to remain faithful to him, and Alec would know Max would hate herself for betraying him.

So, if you like the idea, I hope you will write it. I know it would be a challenge to write, but I think it could be fun, and it would be very different from the majority of heat fics out there.
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My Love, My Life (An Old Fashioned Romance)

TITLE of challenge (if any): My Love, My Life (An Old Fashioned Romance)

Usually Max and Alec romances are angst filled, or utterly wild and passionate. Both can been wonderful, but how often do we see Max and Alec have a nice, well, romantic romance, lol?

Must include:

1. Alec asks Max out (I know, it's the twenty-first century and the girls can do the asking, too, lol, but I'm aiming for an old fashioned romance here. )

2. Max says yes, and Alec surprises her with a nice romantic dinner. Anywhere, your choice, but it has to be romantic.

3. Max does something romantic for him in return. Again, totally up to you.

4. At some point Alec must say, "This way, M'Lady," and Max must say, "This way, M'Lord." You can make a joke of it, lol, but they still have to say it.

5. At some point they have to wear formal wear, Max in an evening gown, Alec in a tux.

6. Must be rated PG-13 or below. OR, if you do rate it higher, could you please make an edited version?
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Hey ficcers!

This post will hopefully prove to be the first of a long line of weekly mod posts, alerting everyone to new stories written from the challenges posted here!

Our first peice of business: Last week, I asked what you guys would prefer, as far as posting stories written from challenges here at the board. It was pretty much a unanimous (sp?) vote, so I went with the majority, since it seemes like the most logical.

From now on, you do not need to post your stories/challemge answers. All you have to do is simply leave the name (or link) of the challenge, the title of the fic itself and a link to where the fic can be found in a comment to THIS thread! Then, I'll round up all the new fics and updates, and tell everyone about them in a mod post to this community at the end of the week!



NEED by thewickedquill

Your Fairy Tale Ending - Kingdom Of Lies by syrenslure

Under The Mistletoe by merykey


Also, I've just finished posting all of Laughter's challenges, if you haven't checked them out, be sure to do so! they can be found by clicking on the tag challenges by laughter. Next up will be Yoyo's, Deanaholic's and Dazedizzy's. :)


Remember, you guys are more than welcome to post your own challenges! No matter how silly or short or crazy you think it might be, we'd love to have it here!

And please, please, PLEASE pimp this place! I know this comm might not seem like much yet, but the more people, the more activity we'll have going on! If you would like, feel free to use either of the banners found under the count to help promote intrest!

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