July 9th, 2007

This is Love

A Day In The Life

CHALLENGE BY: Laughter (Me, lol :) )
TITLE of challenge (if any):  A Day In The Life
There have been one or two wonderful fics where Max and Alec switch bodies, but what would happen if two other people switched bodies, maybe... Logan and Alec? 
How would Logan react to having all the strength an abilities of a transgenic?  What would Alec think about being totally human, with all the "limited" senses?  How would Alec handle having to be Eyes Only? What would happen if White came after Logan when he was still in Alec's body?
I'm sure they'd both be pretty horrified at first, but what about later? Would Alec and Logan gain a new appreciation for what the other deals with all the time? Would Logan be tempted to try to keep things that way so that he could be with Max?
What would Max think?  Would it make her see that she isn't just attracted to Alec physically, but that she likes him for who he is?  Would it make her closer to Logan, or push her farther away?
It's all up to you. :)  But, for the challenge:
1. Logan cannot be the bad guy.  He can be tempted to keep Alec's body if you want him to be, but in the end he does the right thing.
2. No slash at all.  This is M/A or M/L, nothing else, please. :)
3. Must be rated PG-13 or below.