July 10th, 2007

Srock - light on table

Under The Gun

CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
TITLE of challenge (if any): Under The Gun

The familiars weren't stupid. They knew taking down the Transgenic filth would mean taking drastict measures, especially with X5-452, Max, leading the group of renegades. During the Jam Pony seige they realized if they were to have any chance at winning, Max had to be taken down for good. So once the Transgenics got comfortable, they struck. Max had been out on a run when she founf herself quickly outnumbered and though she put up one hell of a fight, there were just too many.

They took her with the intent of simply killing her, but once they got her restrained they realized something. They captured a feirce warrior, one of the strongest that had ever lived. So, instead of killing her, they brainwashed her. Now, their former threat was White's brand new killing machine. A soilder programmed for one function: Destroy the Transgenics.

The Transgenics now had a big problem on their hands. But the familiars had forgotten one thing. Max wasn't the only force to be reckoned with, and X5-494 wasn't going down, by the hands of what some might call his best friend, without a fight.