July 16th, 2007

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Back To Good

TITLE of challenge (if any): Back To Good

Version 1: - Max is given a chance to change one thing from her past. Which one does she choose? And how will her life change from that point on?

version 2: - Max is given the chance to go back in time and save Ben. Will she be able to do it? Or will they both end up losing themselves in Ben's twisted view of the world?
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Hey ficcers!

SO SORRY this is getting up so late. I'm currently house-sitting, but thought i would have computer access. But, apparently that's a lost dream...

Anyway! We had new posters this week! YEA! Since this place IS made for EVERYONE to post challenges and I know you get tired of always hearing from me :P it's great to see it actually being used! :)

You also might be happy to know that a couple of the challenges have been picked up, and a few others are definitely thinking about taking one or two! YEA!! :D

However, this place is still a growing comm, and needs to be fed with lots and lots of new members! So, PLEASE, PIMP this comm like crazy!! In fact, if I get near my comp again in the next few days, I'll try to remember to make some buttons for advertising.



We have two, sorta new, stories this week, both written in answer to my LOVE LETTER challenge! :D bes ure to check them out, especially MeryKey's, because omg, I still haven't had a chance to get past the first three paragraghs and I feel horrible!! I really want to sit down and read it! :( Of course,

Confessions Of A Love Letter by merykey

THE LETTER by dooski (WIP with 2 chapters so far! YEA!) :D


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TITLE of challenge (if any):  Chances

What if Max never met Alec at Manticore?  Manticore blows up and the Transgenics still flee and end up at Terminal City.  Somehow there's a chance meeting between Max and Joshua or Mole or Dix (just NOT Alec).  Max is then led to Terminal City and everyone finds out she's the one who blew up Manticore. While they're thankful, they're wary since they know she's the '09er. 

Alec (and Mole) are currently regarded as the leader types in TC. It's up to you how he gets his name, either he is stilled called 494 and Max gives him the name or he's already Alec...however when Max gets there, she decides that they can't live in the dark and hidden...she wants to them to really be free and not as targets for the humans. Sparks fly between the two, they agree to disagree, and fight at every turn, however they do try to work together to run TC together.

While they weren't attracted to each other at the beginning, they begin to have feelings for each other, however they hide everything from each other for awhile, when either one of them gets the chance to tell each other how they feel or to figure out what they feel, something interrupts them (your choice as to what, should be multiple things, multiple incidences of missed chances).  So they continue antagonizing each other. It takes a mission that Max has out of TC for Alec to realize all the fighting is not worth it since Max is heavily injured (comatose).  The ending of this is up to you...a happy ending is preferable, but I'm leaving it open!