July 31st, 2007

Srock - light on table

Sex Ban

TITLE of challenge (if any): Sex Ban

Max and Alec have been together for a few months, and have a very sexual relationship. One night when Alec is on a heist or something, Max and OC have a long talk. OC mentions something about how Max and Alec never go out and always stay in to do the nasty. She says something like "Take sex away and what do you guys have?"

This hits right Max right at home, so the next day at work when she sees Alec she tells him that they are having a total sex ban. She can say anything between a week and a month. Alec is very against the idea, but Max is determined and if he fails the mission, well Max's heat is coming up and she'll leave town for it...without him.

Anyway, Alec is suffering horribly throughout this whole ordeal, so is Max but she hides it much better, an experience from spending many a heat alone.

Must haves:
R-NC17 rating
Jam Pony
OC, Sketchy, Normal, Biggs, CeCe, Mole, Joshua and the rest of the mutant brigade. (Oh, and Logan and Asha, I guess....)
And anything else you want to add that you think will work well.