August 3rd, 2007

Srock - light on table

Normal's Little Helper

TITLE of challenge (if any): Normal's Little Helper

...I've often found it kind of weird how Max never manages to get fired from Jampony. I mean c'mon the girl has had more day's off than I think most of us have had hot dinner's. And she's forever back-chatting to Normal, which fair enough the whole of Jampony does, but still it does make a person wonder. And that got me to thinking (admittedly this in it's self is a miracle, as I'm not exactly known for my cognitive abilites ),what if Max was a silent partner in Jampony?

Hmm... bet your all going huh?! What!!? is she completey insane?

But think about it, way back in season one Normal tried to sell Jampony to the Pakistani Man (I'd write his name but I coudn't begin to spell it, even it meant saving my life. lol), and it looked as though some of them would all be out of jobs.

Well what if after OC, Sketchy and the rest of the JP staff scared the guy off, Max used some of that cash that she's been sitting on for years (after all you can't tell me that after 10 years as a top notch cat burglar, that the girl did not have a few quid stashed away somewhere.) to buy into Jampony, with the condition that know one knows.

So what I would like to see, should anyone take up this challenge is:

1: Alec becomes suspicous of some of Max's nightly activities & secret conversations with Normal.

2: He decides to follow to find out what she's up to.

3: Catch Max & Normal in a compromising position, while going over JP's books.

4: Let Max have a little fun at Alec's expense, once he find's out that she's his boss.

5: It would also be nice to see Biggs and the rest of the TC transgenics starting work at JP for the very first time.