August 6th, 2007

DA - Max w/ blonde hair

New DA Fic Archive!!


Dark Angel is still a popular fandom, but much like post-Pulse Seattle, it's falling to neglect and many of the older, well-known authors and stories are disappearing. For that reason we decided to create an archive - rather than a web forum - to host fics and reviews and allow friends and followers the chance to keep up with their favourite stories and authors.

We also encourage and welcome new stories and new authors to Raising Hell and urge them to contribute to the wonderful world of Dark Angel fiction. It's open to all characters, pairings, genres and story types, however submissions will be moderated. You do not need to be an author to join, though we do ancourage new authors to write! :)

To help get the party started, we also have already opened our Weekly Prompt Challenge!! Each week we will send out an email with a prompt of some sort; a few lines of lyrics, a quote, etc. in hopes that it will inspire you to write something to share with us all! At the end of the month we will host a poll for the best Prompt Fic. The winner's story will be featured for a week following the close of the poll.

This week's prompt is: "I understand with love comes pain, but why did I have to love so much?"

We hope you are able to come join, and please remember to spread the word about Raising Hell!!

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