August 8th, 2007

Ani - Max kicking Alec

Caught Red Handed

TITLE of challenge (if any): Caught Red Handed

Remember the 'Freinds' episode where Joey finds Rachel's "romance" (soft porn) novel under her pillow in her room? He proceeds to tease her about it byt dropping random lines from the book into conversation, then tries to re-enact one of the scenes with a vicar, only he doesn't actually know what a vicar is...anyways, much hilarity ensues.

So my take on this, DA style, would be that Max isn't getting any - with the virus and her determined to save herself for Logan or whatever, and with the huge guilt trips after heat - so I'm thinking that she would need a little romance in her life (like I said, out of character, but hey, isn't that what fic is about sometimes?) So what if she had one of the trashy romance novels in her room, and Alec happens to come across it, leading too....well, it could go anywhere...

- he could start dropping random lines from the book into conversation, just teasing her mercilessly, not really looking for it to go anywhere

- he could try to re-enact one of the scenes

- could start dropping hints with the book lines looking for it to go somewhere, could lead to NC17 area if you want to.
Srock - light on table

Girly Ben

CHALLENGE BY: Wondertross
TITLE of challenge (if any): Girly Ben

Okay, so Max snaps Ben's neck, Lydecker finds him right after that. They take Ben back to Manticore and their doctors, but do not have the tech to fix a severed/broken spinal chord. Another X5, a female, is in the infirmary at the same time...she's been shot in the head, no way to repair the damage. Lydecker still wants to talk to Ben, figure out what went wrong, figure out if he knows where the others they transplant the see where I'm going with this.

Ben remains on medication to control his physcosis and is released with the rest when Manticore burns. Eventually he travels to TC... he could meet Max, meet Alec, I even thought about him seducing Logan as a favor to his newly met brother...the possibilities are, well, not endless, but certainly amusing. And...go!