August 20th, 2007

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RH update


Dear Raising Hell Members,

As you all have probably noticed or heard, Raising Hell suffered a major disruptance of service over the last few days.

Late Friday morning, the site crashed without warning or explanation. After fevered, frantic and desperate inquiries and examinations, and numerous attempts to restore backups and content, it became painfully obvious that the archive cannot be restored. Apparently, when we moved to a new host a few weeks ago (which was supposed to be a good thing!) the script for the eFiction program that enables Raising Hell to run smoothly, was corrupted. We're still not entirely sure how it happened, why it happened or where the damage occurred within the program.

To make matters worse, our host provided next to no support, and continuous single-sided correspondence from RH - which was basically ignored - resulted in nothing but frustration and endless questions. The decision was finally made to terminate our contract with them and move to a different host - one we know will give us the support we deserve.

The new host has done everything they can to help us try and recover the data, but in the end, there was simply nothing to salvage of the original site and we are going to have to build it up again from scratch.

Shay and I are so terribly sorry for everything that has occurred, the hassles and frustration, but we are working as fast as we possibly can to get the site back up and running and, hopefully, to better it in the process. If all goes well, Raising Hell should be online again sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday, at the latest.

Sadly, we lost most of the members' contact details, so please, PLEASE, spread the word and inform your friends of the impending changes.

We understand that we are asking a great deal of you and imposing upon your patience and good will by requesting that you begin the process anew - signing up, reposting your stories, etc. - however, we are sure that you will appreciate the lengths to which we have gone to ensure a stable archive and improved user experience.

Even though Raising Hell was still in it's infancy, it was quickly growing and even helped to draw out some of the long-lost Dark Angel authors. We hope to continue this trend and revive our fading fandom again. We truly hope we will find all of our original members (and ensare some new ones along the way, as well!) and look forward to seeing you at the new and, hopefully, enhanced site. The site address has not changed and Raising Hell can still be found at:

Again, please help up by spreading the word that Raising Hell will be back online in a couple days' time.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding! We really appreciate your friendship, loyalty and support.

Your RH Admin Team,
CC & Shay
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