September 1st, 2007

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Second Chances

CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
TITLE of challenge (if any): Second Chances

Max and Alec fall into a semi-relationship, sleeping together. They both care for and protect each other, knowing that there are feelings involved. But, times are tough these days and someone (probably Max) has difficulty admitting how deep those feelings are, until it’s too late. Alec dies, or so everyone thinks.

Max is of course crushed. She's kicking herself for not admitting what she really felt when he was alive, and isn't ready to put him to rest. Though her pain never goes away, she eventually learns to cope, somewhat grudgingly, with a little help from her friends.

A year and a half later, Alec shows up out of the blue with an amazing story of what really happened. Max is more than overjoyed to learn he's alive and almost doesn't care where he's been, immediately hugging & kissing him when she realizes it's really him. He's come back to her. However, her hopes and dreams are shattered when she learns he's now mated to someone else. He says he spent so much time in love with Max, but she was never good for him and constantly put him down (think Spike/Buffy here). He says this new girl loves him and treats him well, and he loves her.

Who is the girl, and is she really who she seems? Is she a human, Transgenic or a Familiar? Is Alec really in love, under the influence or somehow trying to protect Max?