September 18th, 2007

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Mod Post

Hey there ficcers! So, I was completely and totally convinced that I had already mentioned this, but apparently not...

We've had another challenge answered! mars494 has decided to take up the Once and Again with a fic of the same name. You can find it HERE.


Also, I 've noticed this place has been... kinda dead lately. So, I was curious to see if anyone had any ideas. No one seems willing to post any of there own challenges. Are people intimidated? Is the posting system too complicated? Or, are people just busy with real life?

I'd really like to try and find a way to encourage OTHER people to post challenges. Surely I haven't come up with every possible scenario... We haven't even had any M/L challenges yet!

So, again... any thoughts?
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Another Triangle

CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
TITLE of challenge (if any): Another Triangle

Very simple challenge. Many of the fics in the DA fandom seem to focus on a Max/Logan/Alec love triangle. While i absolutely love those (and will no doubt base more challenges on it :P) I'd also like to see something different.

So, my challenge is for you to write a fic about a love triangle, that is NOT between Max, Alec & Logan. It could be Max/Logan/Asha, Max/Alec/Biggs, Alec/Sketchy/OFC, OC/Diamond/Kenrda.... whatever!
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Remember Me

CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
ORIGINALLY MADE: December 2006
TITLE of challenge (if any): Remember Me

It had a rocky start, but eventually their relationship blossomed to include a deep rooted, and well-deserved, trust & respect for each other. They hid their true feelings from each other, however, until one day Alec could no longer hold it in. Max was reluctant at first because of Logan, even though she knew deep down that Alec was the only one for her. Knowing she had to end the one sided thing with Logan that barely classified as a relationship w/ Logan, she told Alec to meet her at Crash afterwards. A hopeful Alec went in to wait for her and a distraught Alec left without her.

She had never shown up.

When he went to Logan's all hopes of a future with Max had been shatterd by a note with two simple words, in Max's handwriting: 'I'm sorry.' That was the last he had ever heard from her or Logan.

3 years later a scarred, bruised & broken Max shows up with no memory of her past, where she had been for the last 3 years or even her name. All they do know is she's now deadlier than ever, has a new tatoo and wont allow anyone to touch her.

What happened to Max? Has Alec already moved on? And where the heck is Logan?
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TITLE of challenge (if any): Blind Date
As you can tell from the title, this is completely a/u.  OC and Sketchy decide to set them up, instead of telling them straight out that they're made for each other.  OC sets up Max, it's up to you how (a bet, a favor, etc etc).  Sketchy someone convinces Alec, again up to you on how.  

Try to make their personalities true to the show, other than the forced setup bit (meaning OC and Sketchy being matchmakers).  Angst or fluff is fine!