September 23rd, 2007

max and alec
  • merykey

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TITLE of challenge: Untitled
DETAILS: At NWP we realized something: Max never told Logan that Alec had been her breeding partner (at least, there's no explicit proof of this, for more reference click HERE) and she never told Logan Alec is Ben's twin. So, I would like to read a story were Logan finds out any of these two secrets, and how he reacts. The story can be a comedy or drama, you can ship whateve0r: M/L or M/A or none (y'all know I'm a hardcore M/A fan, but I'll make an exception and read it if it ends up being M/L). The one thing I ask is for Logan to find this out by eavesdropping on someone else's conversation; Max should NOT be the one to tell him. Your choice who he eavesdrops.