September 28th, 2007


Hi! *waves* I'm so very pleased to know so many people out there are keeping the awesomeness that is Dark Angel alive! (I'm such a big freakin' fan! And as hopeless and crazy as it seems, I still hold out hope that there will be a season three! (but that would mean Jensen leaving SPN! *GASP* NOO!)).

I'm quite busy lately but I would like to see this fic made and hopefully one of you wonderful authors will pick it up!
There are a few wonderful DA/SPN Fics out there, but I'd like a diffrent version of this crossover.

1) Sammy Winchester stll grows up a hunter and Mama Winchester still burned on the ceiling. Expect, he's never had an older brother (or Dean died in the fire, either way don't hit me just yet!) so life's been rather lonely and hard with just him and Papa.

2) He's only about 19, going on 20 and drives the Impala although he's never felt quite right driving it. Like it should belong to someone else.

3) His visions can start early (from a young age) or later, whichever you decide is best. Papa's on another hunt and sends Sam to Seattle with strict orders to check out what's going on there but taking no actions until John either gets there or says so. Of course, things don't go according to plan to he meets Alec. Slashyness ensues lol

That's all I really got lol, but hopefully that's enough for someone to get interseted in and pick up!