October 5th, 2007

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Better Left Unsaid

TITLE of challenge (if any): Better Left Unsaid

Ok, give me some "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" Alec. Could even be an episode rewrite. Any kind of fic where someone realizes where Alec's real interests lie based on his actions alone.

-No overly emotional heart to hearts.

-No injured/death bed confessions.

-No heat induced admissions.

-Have fun! ;)
Srock - light on table

High Wire

CHALLENGE BY: Challenges by Pai
TITLE of challenge (if any): High Wire

I had an odd thought ... What if Max doesn't find out about the bomb on Alec's brain stem in POP? What if he manages to get out of that particular scrape without making an attempt on Joshua and Max's lives and is forced to keep up this contract with White to save his life - forced to be at White's beck and call?

Well then I guess that means that scientist would have given Max something for the virus ... whether it works or not is up to you.

I guess it would also mean Alec would get in a lot of trouble and go through a lot of crap to keep Max off White's radar and be part of her life - wouldn't he ...

What if Logan lives and weilds his influence to go on EO jobs over Max - then Alec'd be fighting on three fronts just to get by

Well then it wouldn't be good for Max or Alec if White or Logan somehow found out Alec was playing every conceivable side of the fence, would it?

Could be an interesting season 2 rewrite couldn't it?