October 20th, 2007

This is Love

You Don't Appreciate What You Have Until It's Gone

TITLE of challenge (if any): You Don't Appreciate What You Have Until It's Gone
We know that Alec came pretty close to being put down by Manticore, not once, but twice. What if he had been? What if Alec had been killed after the Berrisford Agenda because Manticore thought he was "damaged" beyond repair, and wasn't good for anything beyond spare parts?

What would have happened to Max then? She might complain about Alec, but in Designate This he really did help her. Yes, he was acting under orders at first, but he could have killed Logan and Asha in a heartbeat, or just brought Logan back to Manticore as he had been ordered. He also could have tried harder to subdue Max rather than his halfhearted, "Fine. But when he's dead, can I go home?"

What if, with Alec dead, Max had been assigned a different partner, someone who actually was loyal to Manticore and didn't hesitate to kill? He is given the same orders as Alec had, to befriend her, gain her trust, and then follow her when she escaped and retrieve her after Logan was infected with the virus. Would Manticore have succeeded in getting Logan, then in taking Max back and reprogramming her?

No other rules apply, but if you could, please make it PG-13 or below. Thanks! :)