November 15th, 2007



CHALLENGE BY: girlsofthenight
TITLE of challenge (if any) : free choice

I don't know if this challenge already exist or is already written. if that's the point then I'm sorry.
I always loved the dinner in Sandeman's House in Berrisford Agenda.
I would love to read a dinner with the same gueste set after Freak Nation.
Is there another conflict Max and Alec can fight about?
In wich direction have the characters developed to make the dinner so different?
All that stuff. I'm a totally M/A-Shipper but its not a must-be. Just a wish-it-would-be XD~
Can be shipperless or something else.
Whatever you choose.
Length is up to you.
I hope anyone get my idea and writes it. i really would love to read it.
(Hey! I just created a livejournal-account for that reason XD)