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A Royal Pain

TITLE of challenge (if any):  A Royal Pain
This is, well, a pretty weird bunny, lol, but I think it could be fun. I got this idea after watching "The Princess Diaries 2," and it wouldn't leave me alone, lol.  No knowledge of "The Princess Diaries," is needed to write it. :)
A DA Challenge: A Royal Pain
Terminal City has been under siege for months, and the Transgenics aren't sure how much longer they can hold out. But just when they are almost at the breaking point, they find a political loophole that would grant them diplomatic immunity.  Like Max told Logan once, she's practically a relative to anybody who's anybody, and that includes royalty. So, all they have to do is prove their ancestry which turns out to be the easy part, and then they have to declare Terminal City a monarchy.  (I told you this was a strange bunny, lol.)  Max will be Queen, and guess who will be King? ;)  Alec, of course.  The only catch: for TC to officially be considered a monarchy, Max and Alec have to marry.
How will they react to their "royal" duty?  How will the rest of the world react?  Will Max and Alec find each other because of it?
The only rules are:
1. Please try not to make it a parody.  I know it lends itself to that, lol, but part of the challenge is making it as realistic as possible.  (And yes I know that in all likelihood there is no loophole even close to that, lol, but it doesn't have to be TOTALLY realistic. ;) )
2. Must be rated PG-13 or below.
Tags: challenges by laughter, fluff, humor, m/a, romance

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