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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I post a challenge?

Honestly, it's pretty simple. I'm not even going to make you use an lj-cut! All you have to do is follow a simple format, filling in the blanks for only 4 lines, put the name or basic idea of your challenge in the subject line and add tags! The Title, challenger name, date the challenge was issued and of course, the challenge itself!

Here is an example of the format you MUST use:
CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
TITLE of challenge (if any): A Time Of Need  (these are helpful for telling the challenges apart)
DETAILS: Max & Alec are together. Max is involved in a dangerous rescue operation that goes bad. They get all their fellow Transgenics out in time, but there's an explosion (or something) & she ends up losing a leg. *How would she react? *Would she freak out whenever Alec tried to touch her? *How would it affect her & Alec's relationship? Or, what if it was Alec who lost an appendage, instead?


Do I need to add tags to my challenge post, and what should they be?

YES! YOU MUST ADD TAGS! How will someone find your challenge, if you don't have tags?

** Why use tags? This community uses the 'tag' feature, to make it easier for people to browse through the rather large amount of challenges. Obviously. all the challenges are different, so most of the tags will be different. If you plan on posting multiple challenges, I will add your name to the tag list as well.

** How many tags are allowed? Each challenge should have at least three tags, but no more than six.

** Can I create new tags? Can i use all of the tags already listed? As far as I know, I've already listed every tag you could possibly use. But, if you think of one I need to add, please let me know, and I will add it. Yes, you can use any of the tags you need to, except for the 'mod favorite'. That one is only for the mods to use, silly. :)

** What is 'Mod Favorite'? This is a tag the mods use to mark some of their presonal favorite challenges. The same thing happens with fic awards - where there's usually a winner named 'mods choice', or something like that.

** What other tags can I use? HERE is the complete tag list. Most of them are fairly understandable, but if you're confused, they are all explained in the TAG DESCRIPTION post


How can I post the story that I have written based off a challenge?

Have you written or updated a fic that was inspired by one of the challenges found here at da_challenges? Then by all means, let us know! Simply leave the name (or link) of the challenge, the title of the fic itself and a link to where the fic can be found in a comment to THIS thread! Then, I'll round up all the new fics and updates, and tell everyone about them in a mod post to this community at the end of the week! Please make sure it's not archived somewhere that is 'friends-only'. We want to see it! If at all possible, please also comment in the original challenge thread here at da_challenges</lj>with a link to the fic you wrote in answer to that challenge. Even if you don't think you met all the requirements, leave a link!


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