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Ask Me To Stay

CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
TITLE (if any): Ask Me To Stay
NOTE: Please remember, if you're intrested in taking up this challenge, you can use as many (or as few) of the ideas I have listed. You are more than welcome to take this challenge and change any number of events/plot points to fir the story you want to write. Youd DO not have to follow the challenge word-for-word, but you are welcome to if you like.

Totally canon except for one thing - Alec, not Max, made the speech at the end Freak Nation.

CHALLENGE: Max was unprepared for the amount of pure hatred she would get from her fellow Transgenics in TC for being an o'niner. Alec knows she's having a hard time, but doesn't realize how bad it's been for her staying there. So when Zach, Krit & Syl show up, things only intensify for her & her siblings.

Zach, sees no reason why they shouldn't leave, so he asks Max to come with them. She's tired of constantly being out down and blamed for everyone's problems, so she says yes.

There's only one thing holding her back, she's in love with Alec - but he's never even looked her way, as far as she knows. OC is the only one who knows about her feelings.

So she makes a deal with herself, she'll stay, if Alec asks her to. But he finds out before she has a chance to tell him. He's hurt that she'd just leave him & that she didn't even tell him & ends up blowing up at her. He tells her she must really be a traitor, all she ever does ir run & that no one wants 'her kind' here anyway.

She's incredibly hurt by what he thinks of her, she thought if nothing else they were at least friends. She gets her broters & sisters & leaves, putting Alec & TC behind her.

A couple months later he runs into OC, who obviously has words with him. At first he doesn't realize why she's so mad, but OC ends up spilling the beans that Max had been in love with him for months before she left. We also found out Max had told Logan the truth about her & Alec right after FN.

Needless to say, Alec feels horrible. (YEA! That makes Cc so happy!)

Now you could end it there if you wanted to be really mean! Or you could add a bit more...

Anyway, Alec is lonely, depressed, heartbroken & guilt-ridden for all the things he said to Max. A couple days later he overhears a conversation about Max and how much she was hated. He also gets a confession from someone about how bad everyone treated Max. Or maybe, they treated her bad - but were starting to somewhat - though not outwardly - respect her, until she left. Therefore 'proving' her cowardness. Do they really hate her? Are they jealous that her group got away and they didn't?

Alec decides he has to find her! But before he can talk to Max, he has to go through her very pissed off siblings first! And will Max even want him now? Or will Alec turn into a lonely old hermit, foever pining away for his lost love?! (I'm totally cool with that, btw :) )


-Zach & Krit punching Alec - but at different times. Maybe Alec & Zach got into a fight back at TC?
-Alec groveling! But the amount is up to you :) I will be content with even a little, tiny smidgen. :)


-A happy M/A ending ... if you must...
-Alec bringing Max back to tc and really sticking up for her, and in a big way.
-Possibly the TC people being told Max's side, either from Alec or her siblings, and Max overhearing the conversation w/o anyone knowing.

What do you think? Can someone PLEASE do this for me? Please? *bats eyes* I'm willing to wait... i really am... :)
Tags: angst, challenges by cc, m/a, post season 2, tc

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