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da/spn xover?

There were more clones then Alec and Ben, right? but only Alec and Ben survived... so what if there was another survivor - x-490 - Dean. What if John was a drill instructor in manticor and Mary was one of the doctors? Mary finds out that her and John`s unborn child was one of the future x6 and will be taken as soon as hes born. They decided to run. Why Dean was taken with them is your choice (started sizers early but Mary was the one to find thrypthopane to help against it?) and then they where found by familiars. Mary gets killed, John takes the boys and run. He trains them and teaches them about manticor all while trying to find out what are familiars and hunting them to avenge Mary.
and then - it`s "Freak Nation" and the boys (John died couple of years before) spot White on one of the news feeds from Sietle.
Sam`s powers aren`t demon based - they result of his creation. Sam and Dean help Alec to guard "freaks" from familiars while Max try to win public opinion with Logans help.
Tags: alternate universe, crossover, familiars, post season 2, what if bunny

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