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Double Identity

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CHALLENGE BY: Shay (thewickedquill, untold_story)
ORIGINALLY MADE: November 2009
TITLE: Double Identity (open to change)


This challenge is pretty simple but has room to be more invovled - it all depends on what you do with it.

The Challenge:
We're already aware that the Transgenics (X5s in this case) pretend to be Ordinaries to go about their lives. But what about the other canon Dark Angel characters? Let's spice it up - make it so that everyone has something to hide or something they just want to keep private or personal to themselves.

Here are some existing 'doubles' in the DAverse to help start you off:
1) Max/Alec/X5s - Not quite human but passing for ordinary humans
2) Logan - Eyes Only
3) White - NSA (or whatever government suit he's wearing that day)

Note: Just because they have been mentioned doesn't mean you can't re-use them in some other way! Smiley - see? very few requirements or restrictions on this challenge!

The only other requirement is that whatever this 'other' persona/face is, it's not something these characters share with anyone (unlike in the case of the aforementioned existing 'doubles'.)

Genre: Humor and/or General
Character/s: Any canon
Length: Any
Rating: PG13 at the most, if at all possible (I'll read anything but it's nice to offer something that is widely accepted!)


Maybe in his spare time, Normal coaches little league or teaches a class. Herbal Thought never really worried about his livelihood after being fired because... he's really a night trader? Maybe Asha is a belly dancer, or Kendra assists in a Sunday school. Did we ever consider that Mole might enjoy working in the Terminal City nursery or perhaps he likes Yoga or Tai Chi? Maybe Zack enjoys line dancing!

Give your character/s a double life that's silly or worrying or just different and then make it work for you Smiley Found that perfect double identity? Give it a whirl and share the wealth!

The possibilities are endless... Smiley So, is anyone game?
Tags: challenges by shay, humor, no pairing, simple

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