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The Devil Wears Prada

CHALLENGE BY: janes_membrane
TITLE of challenge (if any): The Devil Wears Prada

The X-series transgenics are strong, fast, sleek, mysterious and beautiful. They are the definition of excellence and superiority. As the mainstream has started to embrace the once shunned residents of Terminal City and are clamoring for all things transgenic,one car or fashion company has latched on to the idea that the X Series' image would go well with the image their company wants to project. And they already have one transgenic in mind, Alec.

Laughter ensues as Mole fronts as Alec's manager (to make those slick Company Execs think twice before cheating them), Ralph and/or Zero discover that being a soldier is sometimes easier than being an intern, Dalton debuts into puberty by falling for the former model tutoring Alec and Max is pissy over losing two of her lieutenants (Alec and Mole) to the world of glitz and glamour even if just for a short time.

Tags: humor, mole, no pairing

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