janes_membrane (janes_membrane) wrote in da_challenges,

Broken Fairytale

CHALLENGE BY: janes_membrane
TITLE of challenge (if any): Broken Fairytale (Title can be changed)
DETAILS: Angst/Romance.

Max/Logan Alec/Original Character

It's been years since the stand in Terminal City. Transgenics are now accepted and many have gone their own way. Max is still with Logan but the years of not being able to touch each other has been a real strain. On a day like any other, Max is surprised when Alec shows up asking for a favor. A baby. He, suprisingly enough, found love and she wants to have a family with him. But with trangenics being a combo of different genes, compatibility is a big problem with "mixed" couples and many have gone childless.

Max agrees to donate an egg and act as a surrogate despite Logan's misgivings. And as the pregnancy months go by, she finds herself envying Alec and his wife as they grow closer with the impending birth while she and Logan are drifting apart as the situation highlights all the things missing in their own relationship.

Author decides if Max start to have feelings for Alec as he also takes care of her since she's carrying his child. But Alec shouldstay loyal to wife.

Tags: angst, baby!fic, m/l, romance

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