janes_membrane (janes_membrane) wrote in da_challenges,

I Put a Spell on You

CHALLENGE BY: janes_membrane
TITLE of challenge (if any): I Put a Spell on You (Title can be changed)
DETAILS: Angst/Comedy/Romance.

Alec/Rachel Alec/Original Character

How far would you go for love? If the object of your affections doesn't even notice you, is the journey over before it began?

For one X5 battle processor, it seemed like the answer to the latter question is yes. But with the help of a match making Psy-Ops operative, her answer to the first question is "far, very far".

With a slew of data on behaviour pattern probability and mind manipulation on hand, doors are opening for the lovelorn X5 and her Psy-Ops cupid. Sure, the doors are curtained in illusion and a whole bunch of statistics, but they are open nonetheless. Sounds devious right? It's not like they're hurting anyone. What's a little mind warp to make a guy see his dead so-called soul mate in you?

Like any good soldier and battle processor the X5 is ready to experience comedy, action and a boat load of drama. From her point of view all of it would be worth it as long as she gets to experience love and most of all experience love with Alec.

But deception is never a good thing and the girls are going to learn that no one should mess with the memory of a person's dead ex.

Tags: angst, other pairing, rachel, romance

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