janes_membrane (janes_membrane) wrote in da_challenges,

Living in my Skin

CHALLENGE BY: janes_membrane
TITLE of challenge (if any): Living in my Skin (Title can be changed)


When a bad case of getting blown up makes Alec forget who he is and start believing he is Simon Lehane, the identity he took up during his Berrisford assignment, chaos ensues. Having a hole in the middle of TC is bad enough but the memory gap in the guy in charge of the supply run is worse.

Getting Alec back to normal is an obvious priority. But it's easier said than done. Doctors can't tell when or if Alec will recover from his current ailment. Those assigned to re-train him keep quitting since they find it unconfortable and distressing to work with an Alec who is more uptight and a bigger prude than Logan. Mole's been shot in the ass, though whether it was by accident or not is still up for debate.

But despite the hole in the middle of TC, the disruption in the supply run and the mishaps during the military re-training sessions, the biggest challenge they all face is telling a guy he can't try to find the girl he loves because she's dead and he, in some capacity, was involved in the cause of her death.

Tags: angst, humor, mole, rachel

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