'Til We Meet Again

CHALLENGE BY: janes_membrane
TITLE of challenge (if any): 'Til We Meet Again
DETAILS: Angst/Romance.


Alec is on the brink of death. His spirit is in limbo where Rachel Berrisford waiting for him. They discuss his past, his present and how he may not have a future. Rachel tries to convice Alec that he has much to live for despite the fact that Alec wants to stay with her. She also tells him that she'll continue waiting for him and that they'll be together when it's really his time to go.

city and bridge in evening

Double Identity

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CHALLENGE BY: Shay (thewickedquill, untold_story)
ORIGINALLY MADE: November 2009
TITLE: Double Identity (open to change)


This challenge is pretty simple but has room to be more invovled - it all depends on what you do with it.

The Challenge:
We're already aware that the Transgenics (X5s in this case) pretend to be Ordinaries to go about their lives. But what about the other canon Dark Angel characters? Let's spice it up - make it so that everyone has something to hide or something they just want to keep private or personal to themselves.

Here are some existing 'doubles' in the DAverse to help start you off:
1) Max/Alec/X5s - Not quite human but passing for ordinary humans
2) Logan - Eyes Only
3) White - NSA (or whatever government suit he's wearing that day)

Note: Just because they have been mentioned doesn't mean you can't re-use them in some other way! Smiley - see? very few requirements or restrictions on this challenge!

The only other requirement is that whatever this 'other' persona/face is, it's not something these characters share with anyone (unlike in the case of the aforementioned existing 'doubles'.)

Genre: Humor and/or General
Character/s: Any canon
Length: Any
Rating: PG13 at the most, if at all possible (I'll read anything but it's nice to offer something that is widely accepted!)


Maybe in his spare time, Normal coaches little league or teaches a class. Herbal Thought never really worried about his livelihood after being fired because... he's really a night trader? Maybe Asha is a belly dancer, or Kendra assists in a Sunday school. Did we ever consider that Mole might enjoy working in the Terminal City nursery or perhaps he likes Yoga or Tai Chi? Maybe Zack enjoys line dancing!

Give your character/s a double life that's silly or worrying or just different and then make it work for you Smiley Found that perfect double identity? Give it a whirl and share the wealth!

The possibilities are endless... Smiley So, is anyone game?

da/spn xover?

There were more clones then Alec and Ben, right? but only Alec and Ben survived... so what if there was another survivor - x-490 - Dean. What if John was a drill instructor in manticor and Mary was one of the doctors? Mary finds out that her and John`s unborn child was one of the future x6 and will be taken as soon as hes born. They decided to run. Why Dean was taken with them is your choice (started sizers early but Mary was the one to find thrypthopane to help against it?) and then they where found by familiars. Mary gets killed, John takes the boys and run. He trains them and teaches them about manticor all while trying to find out what are familiars and hunting them to avenge Mary.
and then - it`s "Freak Nation" and the boys (John died couple of years before) spot White on one of the news feeds from Sietle.
Sam`s powers aren`t demon based - they result of his creation. Sam and Dean help Alec to guard "freaks" from familiars while Max try to win public opinion with Logans help.
DA - Max - oh no you didn't


CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
TITLE (if any): Confidence Challenge

Transgenics are typically pretty confident & self-assured by nature, but they have reason to be. They were made smarter, faster, stronger & beautiful. So, my challenge is this: Pick a transgenic. Now, what might happen to that character to make them lose their confidence in some way? Whether it be towards the opposite sex, in fighting, in bed, in their leadership skills... whatever. And what or who helps them gain back that confidence?

(the idea for this came from the BTVS episode where buffy basically gets kicked out of her house in late season seven)

Any takers?
Srock - light on table

Ask Me To Stay

CHALLENGE BY: CandyCentric
TITLE (if any): Ask Me To Stay
NOTE: Please remember, if you're intrested in taking up this challenge, you can use as many (or as few) of the ideas I have listed. You are more than welcome to take this challenge and change any number of events/plot points to fir the story you want to write. Youd DO not have to follow the challenge word-for-word, but you are welcome to if you like.

Totally canon except for one thing - Alec, not Max, made the speech at the end Freak Nation.

CHALLENGE: Max was unprepared for the amount of pure hatred she would get from her fellow Transgenics in TC for being an o'niner. Alec knows she's having a hard time, but doesn't realize how bad it's been for her staying there. So when Zach, Krit & Syl show up, things only intensify for her & her siblings.

Zach, sees no reason why they shouldn't leave, so he asks Max to come with them. She's tired of constantly being out down and blamed for everyone's problems, so she says yes.

There's only one thing holding her back, she's in love with Alec - but he's never even looked her way, as far as she knows. OC is the only one who knows about her feelings.

So she makes a deal with herself, she'll stay, if Alec asks her to. But he finds out before she has a chance to tell him. He's hurt that she'd just leave him & that she didn't even tell him & ends up blowing up at her. He tells her she must really be a traitor, all she ever does ir run & that no one wants 'her kind' here anyway.

She's incredibly hurt by what he thinks of her, she thought if nothing else they were at least friends. She gets her broters & sisters & leaves, putting Alec & TC behind her.

A couple months later he runs into OC, who obviously has words with him. At first he doesn't realize why she's so mad, but OC ends up spilling the beans that Max had been in love with him for months before she left. We also found out Max had told Logan the truth about her & Alec right after FN.

Needless to say, Alec feels horrible. (YEA! That makes Cc so happy!)

Now you could end it there if you wanted to be really mean! Or you could add a bit more...

Anyway, Alec is lonely, depressed, heartbroken & guilt-ridden for all the things he said to Max. A couple days later he overhears a conversation about Max and how much she was hated. He also gets a confession from someone about how bad everyone treated Max. Or maybe, they treated her bad - but were starting to somewhat - though not outwardly - respect her, until she left. Therefore 'proving' her cowardness. Do they really hate her? Are they jealous that her group got away and they didn't?

Alec decides he has to find her! But before he can talk to Max, he has to go through her very pissed off siblings first! And will Max even want him now? Or will Alec turn into a lonely old hermit, foever pining away for his lost love?! (I'm totally cool with that, btw :) )


-Zach & Krit punching Alec - but at different times. Maybe Alec & Zach got into a fight back at TC?
-Alec groveling! But the amount is up to you :) I will be content with even a little, tiny smidgen. :)


-A happy M/A ending ... if you must...
-Alec bringing Max back to tc and really sticking up for her, and in a big way.
-Possibly the TC people being told Max's side, either from Alec or her siblings, and Max overhearing the conversation w/o anyone knowing.

What do you think? Can someone PLEASE do this for me? Please? *bats eyes* I'm willing to wait... i really am... :)
DA - Max - oh no you didn't

Bring 'Em Down From The Inside

TITLE of challenge (if any): Bring 'Em Down From The Inside

Season two AU

In Designate This, instead of the reunnion scene and Logan getting infected and sending the hack .... Alec gives in and tells Max about the virus before they escape.

They come up with a plan to take down Manticore, but they have to go back.

494 and 452 undercover in Manticore
Srock - light on table

I Remember - fill in the blanks on M/A as breeding partners

TITLE of challenge (if any): I Remember

The summer Max spent in Manticore supposedly breeding with her lovely partner was grossly overlooked ... the show's writers made it seem as though it were a few days rather than months

Anyway - They had to have been doing something, talking, fighting, breeding, something ...

So this is a fill in the gaps challenge where Alec and Max reminisce on the actual activities of their "summer fling."

Not sure about the timeline/setting so it's open to you writers. Have fun :)
Srock - light on table

Max vs. Rachel

TITLE of challenge (if any): Max vs. Rachel

OK we get to have a little fun shuffling events and time around in this one:

Max did not escape in 2009; instead she grows up in Gillette and is transferred to Seattle base - where Alec is. She sees first hand his charm, and what the frequent visits to Psych do to him - not to mention his excellent soldiering.

Manticore has special plans for the pair - they train together, go on a few missions together, are breeding partners (breeding program is more exclusive since she never burned DNA banks) etc...

They have feelings for each other, but impaired understanding and don't know exactly what they've got.

Max eventually becomes pregnant and they talk about escaping just when Alec is sent out on the Berrisford project and meets Rachel.
What is their special purpose?

Will Alec fall for Rachel again?

Will he leave Max and his child behind at Manticore?
Srock - light on table

Concerning Alec

TITLE of challenge (if any):

Things are too hot for Sam and her family to leave right away after SAH. She knows Alec in some way from Manticore - at the very least by reputation.

So this challenge is to write the conversations between Alec/Sam Max/Sam and Max/Alec revealing some of Alec's past.